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Love Rehired (Haven Book 1)


She works too hard. He's a boss who's lost without her. Can they trade out the 9-to-5 for love?


Emily Potter's life has never had much balance. If it weren't for her workaholism and stress-induced eating disorder, then she never would've left her Executive Assistant gig at Hart Hospitality. But when other employment pales in comparison, she takes back her old job under the hotel chain's handsome, off-limits CEO…


Jackson Wyatt hasn't been the same since his best assistant left in a flash. Seeing as he hasn't stopped thinking about her since, he figures keeping his crush secret is worth the chaotic office. He never expected his wily grandmother to lure Emily back into his life in a big way.


As Emily fears slipping back into old habits, Jackson does what he can to set his assistant up with Mr. Right to ignore his own desires. In the midst of a hostile company takeover, can Jackson finally trust his feelings to name Emily the CEO of his heart?

Love in Bloom (Haven Book 2)


She’s an aspiring artist. He’s a lawyer on the rise. Will they risk their dreams for a chance at love?


Wren Busch is determined to stand on her own two feet. After sidelining her painting dreams in support of her selfish ex’s law ambitions, she’s ready to turn over a new leaf as small-town Haven’s resident florist. So when a handsome lawyer struts into her shop, she’s not about to let another smooth-talking suitor throw her creative passions off course…


Miller Lynch would do anything to make partner. Even if he has to marry into the local family law firm. But his plans for courtroom domination hit a stumbling block when his newest case has him squaring off with the alluring town florist. And getting roped into co-planning their mutual friends’ wedding only adds fuel to their too-hot-to-handle rivalry.


With both their futures at stake, can Wren and Miller follow their hearts without losing sight of their dreams?

Love in Chaos (Haven Book 3)

She’s proudly single. He’s a free spirit. But when they’re forced to play roommates, will sparks fly?

After practically raising her four younger siblings, Rica Palma can't wait to live her life to the fullest. So, when she wakes up in a hot friend's bed and can’t remember the night before, she wonders if she's ready to handle the freedom. But as her teenage sister returns desperate for a place to live, Rica feels her life plan and her freedom slipping further away.

Parker Thorpe’s hard-hitting articles leave the journalist with emotional scars. So, he tries to calm his nerves on his houseboat despite his simmering crush on the beautiful Brazilian, Rica. But his quest for R&R goes sideways when he learns he’s the single father to a two-month-old baby.

After a tragic accident leaves Parker and the infant homeless, Rica’s sister ignores the awkwardness and invites them to move in. As the two loners become a blended family, close quarters can’t help but lead to something more. 

Can Rica and Parker open their hearts and let love conquer all?

Love Under Construction (Haven Book 4)
Is she willing to break all the rules to achieve her dreams?


Andi Carlson always plays by the rules. Rule one: family first. Rule two: stay away from the unscrupulous Ball family. She'd followed rule one right up until her father betrayed her. Now she’s juggling her remodeling business while going to college, chasing her dream of becoming an architect. But her dream may die when her school requires her to become a full-time student. Andi can’t afford the time or the tuition. She'll have to drop out, unless she’s willing to break rule number two and accept a crazy offer from the notorious Eric Ball.


Eric admits he used to be a jerk, but he’s never been as shady as his father. Now his father’s up to something sleazy again. But to escape his father and help his mother, he’s going to have to lie to Andi. She's his only option for remodeling a dilapidated Queen Anne. If she refuses, he's ruined. She’s as desperate for money as he is determined to help his mom. When he makes her an offer she can't refuse, he figures they'll both get what they want. Except, he hadn't counted on being so attracted to her. 

Andi’s due for some fun. Who better than drool-worthy Eric Ball? The family feud should guarantee a fling, not a relationship. But when she discovers his lies, will it take a wrecking ball to any hope they have to build a future together? 


Love On The Line (Haven Book 5)

He can’t afford distractions….  

Alex Preston is an Olympic silver medalist striving for gold. He’s also developed a revolutionary performance fabric and started a new company to create elite athletic wear. But Alex is more interested in training for the Olympic team than on the piddly details involved in a start-up. It’s a good thing his new marketing director has a great head for business. But how can he focus on anything when her sharp mind and curvy body are driving him to distraction?  


She’s determined to succeed… 

London Banks is in over her head.  She’s made peace with her curves, and learned long ago to hide her soft heart behind a Teflon exterior. But Alex is dumping more work on her and won’t listen to her vision for the company. Outside work, though, London is falling for him, but would it ruin the image of the Olympic athlete to be seen with a girl that looks like her?   


In his race for gold will she get left behind?  

Biathlon training has taught Alex how to take advantage of an opening, but London isn’t giving him any room to make his move. He wants both her and gold, but she’s convinced she’ll ruin him and his company’s success. Can London overcome her fears to support Alex’s Olympic dreams? Will they both go the distance when their love is on the line?  

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Love at Last (Haven Book 6)

Croix Adams has built his life on routine, predictability, and numbers. He can’t imagine a woman wanting a future with him. But his confirmed bachelor’s life takes a chaotic turn when a disaster forces him to share his safe space with his best friend’s older sister—the woman whose long-ago kiss he can’t forget.


Krista Dupont is desperate to find her Mr. Right-Enough and start a family. When a storm destroys her apartment, Krista moves in with Croix. She’s secretly loved him for years, but he’s made it painfully obvious he isn't interested. Because of her age and her doctor’s warning, she knows she’s running out of time—until she makes a drastic decision that will change both their lives forever.


When forced proximity exposes buried desires, do they have the courage to see themselves, and each other, in a new light? Maybe it’s time for love, at last.


If you like a small-town, friends-to-lovers romance with sizzling heart, get Love at Last today!

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Josie: A Christmas Romance (Betting on Paris 1) 

He’s her Machiavellian savior.  She’s a burned-out entrepreneur.

Will blackmail kill their friendship or open their hearts to love?

His grandfather’s will had made it perfectly clear: Gabriel Kane had to be married by the age of thirty-seven or he’d be denied control of the family business. With only days to go, Gabriel isn’t above maintaining his deception and using blackmail and bribery to get what he wants. Too bad his friend, Josie, is his only option. But is she desperate enough to accept his marriage proposal?

Entrepreneur Josie Wright burns the candle at both ends and keeps her eye firmly on her goals: to grow her chain of coffee shops and to protect her brother. Children and a family of her own would be nice, too, but she’s wary of risking her heart again. Gabe’s unwanted proposal might be the solution to all of her problems or it might be her biggest mistake. 

As Gabe battles his aunt and cousin for control of the family business and Josie fears losing control of hers, can two people already living overfull lives find room for each other? Will a marriage of convenience born from lies and blackmail transform their former friendship into a marriage of true love forever or create a smoldering wreck?

Josie is the first standalone novel in the Betting on Paris series. If you like a friends-to-lover, marriage of convenience romance, then you’ll enjoy this  small-town love story.

Bitty Love (A Haven Novella)


Overworked restaurant consultant Elle Murphy has become a tightly-wound, passionless, perfectionist with insomnia. She just wants her life back. OK, so maybe she still wants the guy who once betrayed her, too. The same guy she now needs to work with to succeed in her new job as Executive Director of a coffeehouse chain.


Marketing Director Josh Wright never forgave himself for messing up with Elle. He managed to get his skittish rescued mini-boxer to trust him. Can his love and patience work the same magic on a skittish woman? Maybe, with the help of a few snowy Minnesota nights under the northern lights.