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He can’t afford distractions….  

Alex Preston is an Olympic silver medalist striving for gold. He’s also developed a revolutionary performance fabric and started a new company to create elite athletic wear. But Alex is more interested in training for the Olympic team than on the piddly details involved in a start-up. It’s a good thing his new marketing director has a great head for business. But how can he focus on anything when her sharp mind and curvy body are driving him to distraction?  


She’s determined to succeed… 

London Banks is in over her head.  She’s made peace with her curves, and learned long ago to hide her soft heart behind a Teflon exterior. But Alex is dumping more work on her and won’t listen to her vision for the company. Outside work, though, London is falling for him, but would it ruin the image of the Olympic athlete to be seen with a girl that looks like her?   


In his race for gold will she get left behind?  

Biathlon training has taught Alex how to take advantage of an opening, but London isn’t giving him any room to make his move. He wants both her and gold, but she’s convinced she’ll ruin him and his company’s success. Can London overcome her fears to support Alex’s Olympic dreams? Will they both go the distance when their love is on the line?  


Love On The Line is the fifth standalone novel in the Haven series of contemporary romances. Get it today!  

"Love in Chaos is a sweet, heartwarming romance. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters - the secondary ones as well as the main ones. This group of friends really supported one another. The plot drew me in and kept me engaged. I was very sorry to reach the end. If you enjoy clean romance with great characters and a good plot, do not miss this book!"

Bernadette Cinkoske

"Loved it! I enjoyed my time in Haven and look forward to more Haven romances! My interest in the story never waned - I just couldn't put it down. I'd love a cameo appearance of Jackson and Emily in the next Haven book! If you enjoy reading character-driven sweet romance, you won't be disappointed!"


 "... I really enjoyed this book. It was well written, kept my interest and left me with a happily ever after ending. In my opinion, it doesn't get any better than this."

Janna Cole


 "What a great story! I can't wait for book 2 ;) I was instantly enraptured with Emily's story and so glad she got rehired! Jackson needed a little help and his grandma knew just what to do. You will fall in love with this town and it's very addictive characters."

Katie Phillips